Pulling a strand of hair away from her face, he strokes her cheek with the back his hand, admiring the beauty in her eyes. Looking deep into them, he finds the happiness he has longed for. Without thinking, he leans towards her, placing a gentle, yet, passionate kiss on her lips.
His heart beats with every single taste of her lips. A feeling of shivers radiated up and down his spine, giving him goosebumps all around his body. The butterflies in his stomach, fluttered around, not stopping so he could catch a break. Fireworks and bells could be heard in his head, making him smile behind the kiss.
Opening his eyes, he felt the small tears stroll down his face. All the feelings he felt not too long ago, disappeared. The sounds were nowhere to be found and his shivers, gone.
His hand gracefully ran across her name. He laid the flowers on the ground, remembering she was no longer there with him. With a broken heart and tears in his eyes, he said his goodbye and kissed her the only way he could. And although she was no longer there, she was always around.

During The Night

She hurts during the silence of the night. She cries with the small image of his face on her mind. She wishes for the love they once shared. She regrets the pain she placed in his heart. She can’t turn back to the first day they loved. She remembers all the joy, the laughter, and the smiles. She dreads the day he leaves, wishing it would never happen. She simply waits for him to come back to her. She lies awake and prays for his health, love, and patience. She knows she can turn it around but he doesn’t believe anymore.

He just wants to leave her, even though it hurts.


Sexiest & Hottest man alive - Jamie Dornan ♥


Sexiest & Hottest man alive - Jamie Dornan ♥



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Q: If each of you guys could have one your tattooes kept on your body, which one would be and why?

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